About Us

Liston Auctioneers was started in 1948 by the late P.V. Liston, primarily dealing in land sales and land lettings. When Michael Liston took over his father's auctioneer business in the mid seventies he developed Liston Auctioneers into house property sales and residential & business premises. We moved to more central premises in Newcastle West as the demand for residential property in Newcastle west grew. Over the past ten years the overall property market has witnessed a huge boom and more recently, it has faced huge challenges in terms of demand and value. At Liston Auctioneers, we depend on our experience and expertise to best advise both buyers and sellers in such times.

Liston Auctioneers represent properties for sale and lease throughout West Limerick, in towns and villages such as: Newcastle West, Castlemahon Village, Broadford, Ballagh, Askeaton, Knockaderry, Carrickerry, Feohanagh, Shannagolden, Foynes, Crecora and Ardagh. North Cork and North Kerry are also very close to this area, so we often carry properties from these areas, as well.

Advantages of Using Liston Auctioneers to Sell Your Property

Over the past two years, auctioneering has moved to a new platform. It has become a much more challenging business and when selling a property, it is vital that the auctioneer has a much better knowledge of the precise needs of the vendor and also, the capabilities of the buyer.

Each buyer is different when it comes to living requirements, return on investment and finance available. That is why we now hold regular consultations with all buyers to monitor their changing circumstances and to make them aware of new developments with our stock of properties.

We also insist that all vendors meet with us regularly to examine the options that we put before them. Market conditions have made it necessary to make many difficult decisions, and it is in these cases where the voice of experience and knowledge in welcomed by our customers.

Having worked in the auctioneering business through the 1970s and 1980s, Michael and Ann have seen the value of property fluctuating. Managing customer expectations has become a major part of the service.